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Arizona, Tucson and Phoenix Metro and surrounding areas. We are seeking to affiliate with other local groups in many Arizona areas.

Bad Voodoo Paranormal


An Arizona Paranormal Group, Bad Voodoo Paranormal is a paranormal research and investigation group in Arizona seeking answers, seeking the unknown and providing valuable piece of mind to clients. We are dedicated to establishing expectations and communicate with clients to ensure quality and professionalism is maintained at all times, most importantly to be discreet with every client. Bad Voodoo Paranormal dedicates personal time at no cost to any client, we provide our own gear, time and pay for our own expenses unless the request is special travel


Paranormal Research:

Bad Voodoo Paranormal researches new investigation techniques, technology and methods for the sole purpose of identifying and documenting any paranormal claims and potential evidence. As we research, we are gathering “Scientific” specific data such as; EMF, ELF, VLF, Pressure kPA and power drains using Data loggers and other video and audio media. The information is reviewed and any incidents (EVP audio, noises, visual or sensory changes) are then correlated with all the specific data sets we are gathering.

Sample Data:

Data sets and the possible correlation of paranormal activities. Click --> Here is a sample image...

Arizona Paranormal Group, Bad Voodoo Paranormal:

With Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Science; Bad Voodoo Paranormal incorporates members from various disciplines, experience and most importantly open minds. Each member brings special skill sets to encompass different experience and expertise.


Bad Voodoo Paranormal provides resources to clients if the case warrants further followup.

Paranormal Investigations Request:

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Based in Southern Arizona, Tucson and Phoenix, Paranormal Investigations, Paranormal Investigators, Paranormal Research

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